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Wendy Fletcher is a Waterloo-based artist who has worked with acrylics, oil and multi-medium for the past two decades. Drawing on the genre of Neo-Modern Expressionism as her frame of reference, Wendy creates paintings which use bold colour and symbolism to communicate meaning. Many of her works elaborate spiritual themes and are designed to elicit affective recognition of key dimensions of the human experience.

Fletcher has been invited to exhibit in several cities in China and Canada and also in Hong Kong and Germany. She is a member of the Uptown Waterloo Gallery Collective where her work is on regular exhibit. You may view her work through her website http://wendylfletcher.com/

Artist Statement “Art frames social commentary, reflects the world, addresses the other, expresses the self. I paint, in particular moments, for all of these reasons. But in the end, I paint because deep in me I know that beauty saves. Beauty heals. With my art I find a way to BE in the world. In reaching toward the world with my art, I entreat the other to join me in the conversation of being and becoming which art invites.”

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