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Student writes a descriptive narrative about the “journey” that your research for VoiceThread involved. For the actual VoiceThread component, the focus is on describing various physical features and/or artifacts relating to Renison University College. Students do this by means of any form of media, most likely a video or PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentation to be posted on the VoiceThread module on the class page of LEARN.

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Recent Submissions

  • Arjoon, Barbara; Aoki, Yumika; Burnett, Christine; Cebulski, Kate; Kobow, Christine (2018-04-02)
  • Katherine; Chelsea; Tyler; Abhinav (2018-04-02)
  • Lindsay; Simrit; Matthew; Martin; Jessica (2018-04-02)
  • Diamond, Jessica; Fowler, Krista; Suarez-Hondal, Gabriela; Newman, Christine (2018-04-02)
  • Renison 
    Ramkissoon, Corey; Nawal, Fabbiha; Siva, Luxchiga; Jeyatheswaran, Rishani; Elizabeth Clark, Shelby (2018-04-02)
  • Clancy, Keavah; Hattie, Matthew; Patterson, Nicole; Sethi, Jas deep (2018-04-02)
  • QNC 
    Lerit, Paige; Li, An; Lowe, Vanessa (2018-04-02)
  • Jaclyn; Elon; Sydney; Maddy; Julia (2018-04-02)
  • Jenna; Nicole; Sarah; Tijhiana (2018-04-02)
  • Verma, Nitaant (2018-04-02)
  • Ice age 
    Brian; Daniel; Jamie; Meagan; Minah (2018-04-02)
  • Chang, Tyler; Lai, ZiQin; Nguyen, Jessica; Tamber, Suhkman; Zhao, Yuchen (2018-04-02)
  • AHS 
    Chandrakumar, Arianne; Chen, Linda; Villegas, Natalia; Uthayakumar, Shuda; Taylor, Connor (2018-04-02)
  • Beggs, Bridget; Ghuman, Sirah; Grigg, Bailey (2018-04-02)
  • Melanie; Lana; Sandra; Farhia; Mariam (2018-04-02)
  • Griffith, Sarah Elizabeth; Charbonneau, Hanna; Ghouri, Kulsoom; Testani, Alexandria; Quijalvo, Janelle (ENGL 140R Student VoiceThread Project, 2017-11-12)
  • Shantz, Matthew; Kessler, Mike; Goddard, Sarah; Barban, Ryanna; Al, Hailey (ENGL 140R Student VoiceThread Project, 2017-11-11)
  • Charbonneau, Hanna; Ghouri, Kulsoom; Griffith, Sarah; Testani, Alexandria; Quijalvo, Janelle (ENGL 140R Student VoiceThread Project, 2017-11)
  • Rebekah; Emily; Rehanna; Aislinn (ENGL 140R Student VoiceThread Project, 2017-11)
  • Randall, Kaitlyn; Nicholson, Amy; Song, Jiaxin; Patel, Prathna (ENGL 140R Student VoiceThread Project, 2017-11)

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