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LEAP Reading and Writing (2nd ed.)

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Title: LEAP Reading and Writing (2nd ed.)
Author: Williams, Julia
Description: Learning English for Academic Purposes (High-Intermediate - Advanced) uses high-interest international content to prepare students for the English academic worlds. The texts encourage students to apply critical thinking skills as they engage in academic reading and writing and listening and speaking tasks across a range of disciplines. Each strand (Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking) follows a parallel chapter structure that builds from a warm-up activity to increasingly challenging skill-building assignments and a final speaking or written presentation that synthesizes all the skills learned. Reading and Writing A variety of challenging readings, text-based vocabulary and skills practice, and detailed practice in the writing process prepare students in the academic world. Listening and Speaking A variety of listening passages, a strong focus on vocabulary acquisition, and structured presentations and debates offer students the skills they need to thrive in an academic setting.
URI: https://www.amazon.ca/Learning-English-Academic-Purposes-Reading/dp/2761341457
Date: 2012

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